Bringing The Cinema into Your Home

Our Home Cinema Solutions provide an authentic cinema experience in your own home. We provide expert advice on the individual components needed for your system, based on room size and the vision and audio quality that you want. We can then install your selected system to an exceptionally high standard, ensuring your enjoyment for many years to come.



The more speakers, the better your surround sound performance. We recommend a minimum of 5 speakers plus a sub woofer. These are placed as left, centre and right front speakers and left and right rear speakers. A seven speaker system adds left and right side speakers. For a room of up to fifteen square metres speakers should be rated at a minimum of 50W. Larger rooms may require 80W or 100W speakers.


The amplifier should be powerful enough to power all the speakers comfortably, but more importantly be capable of handling the selected sound format. These sound formats include Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Digital, Dolby True HD and DTS Digital Surround. Each format has different sound performance and matches the number of speakers. We can advise you on the best format for your needs and budget.


You can use an HD TV as part of your system, however a projector offers a variety of image sizes and takes up minimal space. It may also work out cheaper than a large Plasma or LCD T.V. Projector types include LCD, CRT and DLP. Resolution, Brightness and Contrast are the chief considerations.